Strengths vs. Weaknesses - Which Is Best?


David Beckham, arguably one of the most recognized names in soccer or football for those outside of the US, was often criticized for not being very good with his left foot.  

Yet, he is still widely regarded as one of the great players of all time.

Was he wrong in staying "all right?"

He struck the ball with his right foot so well, it more than made up for what he lacked elsewhere in the game.

How does this style of thinking apply to your life and the challenges you face?

Would you be better served to spend more time developing your strengths or weaknesses if your strengths could become so superior to compensate for your weaknesses? Or, is Beckham the abnormality and in most cases it's better to be well-rounded? 

We enjoy these thoughts from The Platform Giant:

Our Take On Weaknesses

Sojourn Adventures recognizes, like most, that every individual has both strengths and weaknesses. It would be crazy to completely ignore our weaknesses yet we often generate far greater impact as individuals by further developing our strengths. 

Great teams are made up of groups of individuals who have learned to leverage their own strengths.

Once a team member is maximizing their strengths AND can trust their teammates, who often have strengths in differing areas, to contribute to common team goals - you will see the biggest strides toward success.


For most teams to thrive, it comes down to trust.

Can you trust that if you do your role well, that your teammates will each do their roles and cover for your weaknesses? 


At Sojourn Adventures we stretch teams to uncover areas they have a difficult time letting go, focus on ways they can maximize their strengths and then further 'trust' their teammates to perform.



Sojourn completely brought our team to another level and yet understood where each one of us was and where we needed help the most!