Ropes Challenges & Canopy Tours

Taking Team Building to New Heights in Alpharetta, Georgia!


For the past 20 years, thousands of groups and teams have experienced the Sojourn Adventures course, and now the most-impactful element, the Team Canopy Tour is set to empower even more teams towards a thrilling success. The Sojourn Staff are extensively trained in ACCT safety practices, are passionate about leadership development, and use an approach of facilitation that allows teams to apply seemingly fun games to very practical applications for life and work.


Team Building is a process of creating an environment where your group can work together and learn to trust each other, respect each other and most of all, develop cohesion. By engaging in team building exercises will help your group members identify strengths and weaknesses and break down personal barriers. To build an effective team, members must have a common goal, respect each other, and be motivated enough to achieve objectives. Our Ropes Challenge and Canopy Tours are the catalyst to acheiving New Hiegths for your TEAM!


Ropes  Course Challenge



Canopy Tours