Team Canopy Tour

Designed to Challenge Business Groups and Professionals


The team Canopy Tour at Sojourn Adventures is the Ultimate Eco-Adventure for your team! Did you know that the first Zip-Line was created in 1730’s, by Robert Cadman, a professional ropewalker and showman? Well we have come a long way since then and today Zip-Line Canopy Tours are an excellent way to build confidence your teams members and take them to new heights! Sojourn has an exhilarating adventure that encourages personal growth by taking you out of your comfort zone. Our environment is a high energy experience in a natural environment. Research shows that just being out in nature has positive effects on our minds and bodies. Spending time outdoors at our facility breaks the monotony of everyday and will encourage positive results for any size team.

Our zip-line is an accredited ACCT zip-line and at Sojourn our main focus is your safety.

Our zip-line is an accredited ACCT zip-line and at Sojourn our main focus is your safety.

Zip-lines may not be something everyone on your team will be comfortable with it and so begins the first test your group will face. Together, with our professional guides they will work with each other encouraging teamwork and provide support to help build confidence levels. Your teams Zip-Line Adventure will be the spark they need to be a more cohesive and efficient unit. The shared experience you have with your teammates at Sojourn Adventures will be everlasting.

The Team Canopy Tour includes 3 sky bridges, over 1,500 feet of zip lines, and 10 aerial platforms, all at over 65 feet of elevation. Teams of 8-10 people will experience a 2-hour treetop adventure that will guide them to also discover individual leadership principles and identify team communication barriers.


If a client is nervous or requires assistance, our guides will happily go in tandem with them. It's very common that groups will have some individuals who prefer not to get off the ground. All our programs operate within a framework of individual choice, where we never force individuals to complete activities against their will. Our intent is to create environments where all participants feel safe to participate OR to opt out of certain activities. In addition we can always customize programs with little/no high adventure activities involved if you prefer.


Push Your Team Further With Sojourn Adventures


Positive Effects of the Canopy Tour

  • Overcoming Fears, Individually and as a Group
  • Further Enforces the benefits of Teamwork
  • Creates a platform for better Communication
  • Builds Courage
  • Enables Individuals to Move Outside their Comfort Zones
  • Group Bonding is Enhanced
  • Perspective is Changed



At Sojourn Adventures safety is paramount. All staff is AACT level 2 trained meaning they are fully capable to handle any rescue, any incident and keep everyone safe as they are challenged through their adventure. Sojourn Adventures has built processes to log hours of rope, inspect all equipment, and maintain the highest level of safety standards even above industry practices. At all times participants are clipped into a safety line with a backup component to ensure they are well protected as they encounter heights and thrills.


Is  the Zip Line safe for Kids?

Some activities are appropriate for children as young as Kindergarten, but many individual activities have age-appropriate limits. Sojourn program designers can provide full details and help craft the perfect program for your group.


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