Dress Code:

I will take pride in my appearance by exceeding grooming and dress requirements in order to convey a professional, respectful, and safe image.

  • Clothing should not be noticeably worn and should not have holes, tears, or be frayed.

  • Staff should arrive on site dressed according to these guidelines and fully prepared for the day.**

Tennis shoes or other closed-toe shoes are required at all times and should be clean. (No Chacos or other sandals during Sojourn hours - Keens are permitted)

Sojourn shirts should be worn at all times with an attempt to have a Sojourn logo on the outer most layer. In cold weather, if you have logo’d gear please wear it, but if not thats ok.

If you need an additional Sojourn Staff T-shirt, please make a Full Time staff aware of the need. Based on how many programs a staff member has worked or is working in a given week, a second shirt may be provided.

** Pro Tip! - In order to remain presentable to our guests, it may be helpful to wear a different shirt (that can get dirty/sweaty) for set-up then change into Sojourn apparel before the program.

Pants/Shorts should be professional in nature:

  • For Shorts - "Rule of thumb": when your hands are hanging by your side a person's thumb should be at or above the bottom of one's shorts. No Athletic Shorts or Leggings as your outer layer should be worn.

  • For Corporate Programs we ask that all staff wear khaki's or professional looking shorts/pants.

Caps should not be worn unless it is a Sojourn logo’d cap.

In sunny weather, brimmed “safari hats” for the purpose of protecting your head/neck from the sun are acceptable.

In cold weather, “beanies” are acceptable (if possible, wear a Sojourn logo’d beanie).

Sojourn leadership reserves the right to determine what is and is not appropriate Sojourn attire.