Site Director Information

Site Director Program Procedures

Days Prior to Program

  • Isaac will contact you to check availability and schedule you as the SD for the program.  (As far in advance as possible, but at least 7 days before program).  This process works just like getting scheduled as a facilitator.

  • Isaac completes needs assessment with client and hands off the event to the MOD via Email.  

  • MOD will ‘reply all’ to that message with a brief email to the client à  “Hi ____.  Looking forward to working with your group this weekend.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.”  The MOD will maintain all pre-event contact with the group leader.

  • SD and Isaac (and sometimes MOD) will have a phone call to discuss specifics prior to the program.


Day of Program

  • MOD arrives first - 15 minutes before anyone else.  (Typically 2 hrs prior to program start time.)  Doors will be unlocked at this time.

  • SD arrives 15 minutes prior to facilitators.  (Typically 1.45 before program start time.)

  • Greet Facilitators and talk through specifics for the day.  (Typically 1.30 before program start time.)

  • Supervise course set-up.

  • Document set up using the PRE-EVENT CHECKLIST in Survey Monkey.

  • Ensure PREP 15 for group arrival.

  • MOD will Ensure Waivers are filled out by all participants.

  • Lead Sojourn Intro with group.

  • MOD will Ensure a Group Photo is taken.

  • Complete program (remember to Take Photos throughout).

  • SD will remain on the course throughout the program.  If not working with a specific group, the goal is to roam around and spend no more than 5 minutes at any one location before moving on.

  • MOD available to assist, but will focus primarily on “behind the scenes” logistics and client retention.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected - be familiar with EMERGENCY ACTION PLANS and INCIDENT REPORTS.

  • At conclusion of program – lead Large Group Closing.

  • MOD will connect with the group lead about THIS program and promote future programs.

  • MOD will Ensure participant evaluations are introduced to group.


Immediately Following Program

  • Supervise break down of woods and all equipment.

  • Lead Closing Debrief with all staff (MOD will be present if at all possible, but SD leads).

  • Ensure all Facilitators have filled out Individual AAR’s (paper) and integrate into Master AAR.

  • Document the day using the MASTER AAR in Survey Monkey.

  • MOD will do a final woods drive through to ensure everything is put away properly.

  • MOD will complete the MOD Closing document in Survey Monkey.

Pre-event talk (High Five - then SMILE!)

As each Sojourn program begins we will always gather the group together to talk through basic details for the day. After welcoming the group, there are 5 key points that should always be included in this pre-event talk include:

1. ‘Sojourn’ overview

2. What to Expect Today

3. Challenge by Choice

4. Spiritual Intro

5. Logistics (restrooms, water, phones,…)

then…. SMILE – Take a Group Photo


After Enthusiastically welcoming the group, you’ll jump into these 5 points…

1. ‘Sojourn’ overview –

“Does anyone know what the word ‘Sojourn’ means?... It actually comes from the root word ‘Journey’. A journey is simply when you are traveling from one place to another. A Sojourn is ‘a short stay in a place while on a longer journey’. You can think of it as a layover in an airport for example. Your group is on a journey to _____ (through your season, with your co-workers, as a d-group, etc…) and today is going to be a Sojourn from that journey. You will be spending a short time with us here today, very likely doing some different things that are not part of your normal routine. It’s our desire that you gain some new insights today about yourself and/or your group to enter back into your larger journey with new perspective.”

2. What to Expect Today –

“How many of you have been on a ropes course before?....  With most groups there are some people with experience and others with no experience at all, so wherever you are on that spectrum, don’t worry! On the rope course there are low activities and high activities. Just like they sound, low activities take place on or near the ground and will give your group an opportunity to work through some challenges together. High activities, just like they sound, typically take place up off the ground and will give you an opportunity to challenge yourself and perhaps overcome some individual fears. - Throughout the entire experience we will be stopping from time to time to process what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and how some of these things might apply to life outside the ropes course.”

3. Challenge by Choice -

“I mentioned that you would each have an opportunity to participate in high activities.  I said that intentionally because here at Sojourn we operate under a philosophy that we call ‘Challenge by Choice’. This means that we DO want for you to challenge yourself today, but it’s going to be up to you to choose the level of challenge that is appropriate for you. At any point today you have the opportunity to opt out of any of our activities if you feel the need emotionally OR physically. Our staff are not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do and we ask that you all enter that agreement with us to not force anyone else to do something that they don’t want to do. Sound good?

You should also be aware that today is going to involve Adventure and, by definition, Adventure is not always safe. Be aware that if you have any Cardiac, Respiratory, or other physical limitations, then you should really consider what is wise for you to do today. Please let myself or your facilitator know if there are any medical issues that we should be aware of prior to your involvement and then just make good choices for yourself today.”

4. Spiritual Intro –

(Non-Christian group example)…

“I expect that you are all aware that you are on church property right now and I wanted to acknowledge that for a couple of reasons. First, because we often get questions about the church during programs so we always like to bring this up from the start.  Most people agree that there is a Spiritual component to our lives.  We all recognize the physical and emotional and social aspects of our life, but it’s easy to suppress the “Spiritual” and just suppress questions like ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is life really all about?’. Our goal today is not to answer these questions, but simply to make you aware that we firmly believe that there ARE answers to them. I know this is a place where they’ve been answered for me.  If you are searching yourself, this is a safe place for that - whether that be today or at some point in the future.  We’ve got resources available at our kiosks and our staff would consider it a joy to talk through any of that. 

The second reason I bring this up is because we recognize that this is not a Christian program today. If you are nervous about being on a Christian church property then I want to set your mind at ease and let you know that unless you bring it up, this will be the last spiritual conversation we have all day.”

5. Logistics for the day –

Finally.... Restroom locations, Lunch details (if applicable), Where do I put my stuff (cell phones, keys, etc…)? 

-- then SMILE

Lastly, we want to do a great job of documenting your experience today, so we’re going to take some photos throughout.  We’re going to start with a GROUP PHOTO in just a moment.  As we get into your experience, I’m going to be capturing some photos of your low ropes activities. I’m going to ask you all to keep your phones/cameras put away so you can focus on one another during that time.  Once we reach our high ropes activities, I’m going to focus exclusively on your safety and therefore leave any photo-taking to you, so please DO feel free to capture some photos of one another.  After our event, you can check the Sojourn Adventures facebook page to remember the experience.