What could you & former miss america have in common?

The journey starts here...

Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011, joined Sojourn Adventures to overcome a painful past and reveal her inner-strength through an engaging day on our course.

Her story is why we do what we do...

Even when it didn’t feel like I could stand, I could take that next step.
— Teresa Scanlan

It Feels Good To Be At The Top

When you're at the top of your game you're at your best. Sojourn Adventures has designed a course to develop strong leaders.

Teresa's journey is a true testament of strength; and yours can be too.

What are you experiencing as a team or individually that's holding you back? 


Watch and see Teresa's Experience

(Our favorite part is Teresa taking that final leap at 4:47.)


What Can You Expect
on Your Sojourn Adventure?

Every team that comes to Sojourn Adventures experiences a strategic day designed to fit their needs. You and your team will:

  1. Benefit from a program designer crafting your team's perfect experience.
  2. Watch even your strongest leaders be challenged to grow.
  3. Gain heightened communication skills and leadership principles that transcend all areas of life.
  4. Become the best version of yourselves as Sojourn's leaders push your team to overcome.
Within the group, everyone had taken their own personal lessons from the same experience.
— Teresa Scanlan

Miss America, Schools, Organizations, and YOU - Everyone Can Grow.


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