Building something great as a team isn't always easy...


You'll need:

  • 15 Plastic Cups
  • A Smartphone

The goal:

Simple. Stack all 15 cups into one pyramid.

how the "Cups Running Over" challenge works:

Find a flat surface for the group to be able to stack cups on. Designate a starting point approximately 20 feet from the stacking area. (Your team may prefer a shorter distance. Do what fits your team's needs.)

On "Go!" start the timer and have one individual run from the start line with a cup in hand toward the stacking area. Add the one cup and run back to the start line, to trigger the next individual moving with a single cup in their hand toward the stacking area.

Each individual will repeat this role to stack the cups vertically in a pyramid (5 cups on bottom level, then 4 on next level, etc....) Once the cups are stacked the final person runs back across the line, stopping the time. 

Everyone must participate by placing at least 1 cup in the pyramid. If any cups fall, simply put them back up and continue until the pyramid is complete.  After the first attempt, repeat the exercise to try and improve on your team's time.  


Strengthen Your Team By Taking It Further.

Following the activity, here are a few processing questions for your group to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

1. What did you enjoy most about this activity?  What was most challenging?

2. In what ways did our group work well together as a team? Where could we do better?

3. Did our time improve on additional tries?  Why do you think that is?

4. What principles can we learn from this silly activity that could benefit our team?

5. Is there something YOU specifically need to do as a result of what you learned?