Ropes Course Challenges

Reaching New Heights In Productivity


Team Building is a process of creating an environment where your group can work together and learn to trust each other, respect each other and most of all, develop cohesion. By engaging in team building exercises will help your group members identify strengths and weaknesses and break down personal barriers. To build an effective team, members must have a common goal, respect each other, and be motivated enough to achieve objectives. Our Ropes Course Challenge is the catalyst to acheiving New Hiegths for your TEAM!


Sojourn Guides are trained to help your team step outside of their comfort zones by overcoming their fear of heights and challenging their limits. Our process has been proven to reduce anxiety such fears and in turn enables us to explore solutions that enhance productivity and Identify your teams strengths and weaknesses. Confidence is one of the core factors of productivity. A self-confident employee will be more apt to speak out and resolve a situation before it becomes a problem.


How the Ropes Course Benefits Your Team


Sojourn guides will help your team achieve the following:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Re-energized teams

  • Development of leadership Styles

  • Improved Conflict Resolution

  • Strategy Development

  • Collaboration

  • Problem-solving·   

  • Decision making·   

  • Responsibility

  • Cooperation

  • Goal setting

  • Self-discovery

  • Integrity

Challenging Your Limits - Building Your Team



Types of Rope Courses



At Sojourn Adventures safety is paramount. All staff are well trained, many holding ACCT certifications, meaning they are fully capable to handle any rescue, any incident and keep everyone safe as they are challenged through their adventure. Sojourn Adventures has built processes to log hours of rope, inspect all equipment, and maintain the highest level of safety standards even above industry practices. At all times participants are clipped into a safety line with a backup component to ensure they are well protected as they encounter heights and thrills.

Is it Safe for Kids?

Some activities are appropriate for children as young as Kindergarten, but many individual activities have age-appropriate limits. Sojourn program designers can provide full details and help craft the perfect program for your group.


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